Covid -19 Positive Messages & Media, Tributes & Tips from some of our Favorites and not so famous

Let’s make this a extra special tribute to perhaps the first major name in this country who has been taken from us due to the Covid-19 virus, just today – country star JOE DIFFEE.

Neil Diamond was among the first celebrities to message fans with good thoughts during the Covid-19 early days, early March. It’s been a year since Diamond stopped touring,after his own medical (Parkinsons) diagnosis, so it was good for his fans to hear from him once again with his Corona twist of phrase on one of his biggest hits, Sweet Caroline…
‘..don’t touch me, I won’ touch you…’

Bob Dylan 3-26
‘Greetings to my fans and followers with gratitude for all your support and loyalty across the years. This is an unreleased song we recorded a while back that you might find interesting.
Stay safe, stay observant and may God be with you.’ -Bob Dylan

Regardless of your own views, these are definite, interesting words, whims and wisdom set to music from Dylan while at the same time paying tribute to beloved President Kennedy and many of his his and our pl not unlike JFK.
NEIL SEDAKA -Lots of humorous errors in the limited lyrics/translation/credits. More understandable , below.

Another WILLIAM CHUNG? TALK about bad translations and mangled music and everything else, but this Not-So-Famous Sedaka fan, from China no less(?), does his own Corona take on the above Sedaka tune , with a little political descent thrown in and perhaps a little beer commercial. Rhymin’ Simon or Neil Sedaka he is not. Sorry for the negativity but thought you would enjoy this unusual Corona take. What ever happened,anyway, to that early Chinese breakout star on American Idol?
the Real Neil ”A Special Message of Hope from Neil Sedaka
Love it. Nice compliment to THE OTHER Neils message
Which one person has already confused-must get her Neils strsight. Lucky to have them both offerimg their messages of hope.

More Celeb Messages to come

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Life Religious experience Spiritual

Are You Really Living? You Could Die Tomorrow SO LIVE TODAY!

Motivation to REALLY LIVE before you die.

“This changed my life.” —@positivelatitudes

It may sound perhaps a bit negative for a GOOD NEWS site and simplistic but many in this Western society hold back due to the unspoken fear of death (and other things) – and before we know it we come down with cancer or some other life-threatening malady before we can really embark on that Bucket List or life goals that we’ve put off.

live today for you could die tomorrow
Hi, I’m Kate Manser and I’m just so happy to be alive.

‘Hi, I’m Kate Manser and I’m just so happy to be alive.

I’m the creator of YOU MIGHT DIE TOMORROW. Here’s my story.

In the span of six months, three friends died in unrelated, unexpected tragedies. I developed a fear of death that began to take over my life: I would imagine getting hit as I crossed an intersection, envision how the phone call would go when I got the news that my mom died, and avoided taking any risks out of fear.

A year later, my colleague and adventure idol Dan Fredinburg was killed at 33 years old in the Nepal earthquake while climbing Mount Everest. As I struggled to make sense of the loss, I realized that he knew he might die climbing that mountain, but that he had to climb it to truly live.


Everything changed for me: I realized that I have absolutely no control over when or how I die — but I have complete control over how I live until that mystery moment comes.

All of the energy I spent on my fear of dying was channeled instead into living every day like I might die tomorrow.

For us, it may not necessarily be a fear of death but more about procrastination and forgetting that LIFE IS SHORT and DON’T PUT OFF FOR TOMORROW WHAT YOU CAN DO TODAY.

Since then, I have made major shifts in my life to better align with how I want to live. I left my job at Google to embark on a two-year trip to learn about the world, life, and myself. I created YOU MIGHT DIE TOMORROW and wrote a book about everything I have learned. But no shift has been as radical as my shift in life perspective: I live urgently, love wildly, and am so grateful to be alive.

I created YOU MIGHT DIE TOMORROW to help people like you really live before you die. The movement is now made up of thousands of people around the world.” -KM

Time has a way of sneaking up on you and many of us baby boomers are at the age when friends and our generation compatriots are dying at a seemingly alarming rate. But, no, we’re at that age when people die. And, scary to say, but realistically, we could be among them. Life is not guaranteed. Life should not be taken for granted.

It’s not that we don’t have SOME control over our lives. We do and SHOULD take care of ourselves as we can, but at the same time we should be ENJOYING life by the time we get to our SEVENTIES or probably much younger. If you’re much younger, you’re lucky and can get a head start , learning from others who have experienced loss like Kate Manser and ourselves – a wake-up call that even saved my own life when doctors told me the bump on my chest was nothing BUT TURNED OUT TO BE SOMETHING THAT WOULD HAVE KILLED ME AND I WOULD NOT BE ALIVE TODAY IF I HADN’T TAKEN IT UPON MYSELF TO DO WHAT MY ‘NEW’ INNER VOICE TOLD ME TO DO.

So, the message here is just about LIVING, not existing. It doesn’t have to be about climbing Mt. Everest or risk-taking feats. It can be simply about enjoying the Spring sunrise while walking your dog. It can be about taking on a new skill or, for me, religious learning and practice which has given my life new meaning. It can be about living for not only yourself but also for loved ones whose lives were cut short – sharing the messages of loved ones, in reverence, as a sort of religious experience (as I have chosen to do). There are so many ways one can enhance their life, while often enhancing the lives of others.

Most people I know seem to travel a lot when they get older. I haven’t traveled much lately for , perhaps, some fearful reasons and maybe I should. But, I’ve found joy in other ways without having to travel miles to achieve enrichment. I traveled earlier in my life but now find a lot of new things I’ve never done before that seem to make me enjoy life now perhaps more than ever.

For those who need motivation you may want to read Kate Manser’s book ‘You Might Die Tomorrow So Live Today,But, you may not need or want to read Kate Manser’s book yet, if nothing else, let her overall message be a reminder that life IS short and to try to enjoy life NOW while you still can.

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Morning (last) Minute Minyan Miracle

Minyan miracle
Anonymous 7 am biker makes the minyan and the day

Great story. I saw it happen before my own eyes.

I was halfway in my car to leave. Rabbi Yisroel certainly has the magic touch to pull Jewish  rabbits out of the hat time and again when least expected. I was totally amazed when the lone  person (bike rider) on the street at 7 am was Jewish and made the last-minute  minyan happen.

Moral: Nothing’s impossible, especially at Lafayette Chabad.


We were 9 men this morning at service, one short for a Minyan and the feeling of disappointment was seen on many. One of the men needed to say Kaddish for his father but no one was coming. 

As some were on their way out, including Rabbi Yisroel, a man was flying down the road on his bike. 
“Are you Jewish?” asked Rabbi Yisroel. “Yes” the man replied. “Can you help us for a Minyan to say Kaddish?”

“I’m in a rush for work” he replied.

Rabbi: “60 seconds”…….

And that was that, he agreed and we had our Minyan… Thank G-D we as a community have been going strong for close to 4 weeks now, please join us when you can, everyday at 6:30- 7:00AM and Sundays at 8:30 @Chabad  and you just might be a part of the next minyan miracle
Have a great day.

-Rabbi Avroham

Ten days earlier, on a late February Saturday morning – one of the few days I have missed minyan – I learned that my uncle just happened to be walking nearby , and, again, Rabbi Yisroel was able to pull him in as the ’10th man’ for the minyan that day. There have been at least a half dozen similar ‘saves’ by Rabbi Yisroel – some where he literally has walked the streets ‘fishing for a Jew,’ as it were, in recent weeks. That makes FOUR WEEKS straight without a minyan break! Rabbi Yisroel notes that, somehow, my uncle was there to fill in for me that day! Call it ‘divine providence,’ says Rabbi Avroham, who only joined Lafayette Chabad a short time earlier. (Perhaps his presence also contributed to the recent ‘nachas.’)

Music Otis Williams

Last Temptation Lives After Another Social Media Hoax

otis williams, tempatations
OTIS WILLIAMS, Last living original Temptation

Despite another viral social media hoax that says he died in a car crash this week, WE’RE glad to report the last surviving member of the Temps is alive and well at 79 and still touring. Says his late ‘brothers’ would love the current Broadway show about the Temptations.  Didn’t realize there was one original Tempation still left. Catch up on the life and times of Otis Williams of the biggest male Motown group in this recent AARP piece >


HAPPY DAYS Are Here Again says poll

New High of 90% of Americans Satisfied With Personal Life says Gallup mainstream poll


New Sarcoma Cancer Breakthrough Success Story!

Now, other doggies will benefit from this new cancer breakthrough, too!

With the help of modern medicine, Hershey’s last year was one of his best, despite living with four serious maladies: sarcoma, heart disease, bowel cancer and …
Here, Hershey at Concord dog park where he had just rolled like a horse, not long before he passed. Yes, he had quality life right up to the next to last day, a full year after our vet only gave him days!

Good News Breakthru!
Guardians of Hershey thought you might be interested in this breakthrough story on sarcoma, though I must say, Hershey was right there, in the end, surviving almost a year despite the 1% sarcoma prognosis… as we remember our last wonderful, unexpected bonus year with our Hershey

According the story, the 12-month survival rate with hemangiosarcoma is only 1%! Hershey made it 11 months!

I’m making a small donation.
Hershey relaxing at home

IMPORT PICTURES AND VIDEOS 2500 1-2000 1192.jpg


Doubling Down on Good News



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Catnap Man

CATNAP MAN Raises $100,000 For Pet Sanctuary!

Man who naps with cats helped raise nearly $100,000 for a pet sanctuary simply by napping with cats while becoming a viral sensation . Full story here

catnap man
CatNap Man

A Few Positive Quotes to Brighten Your Day

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” – William Arthur Ward

“Laughter is the sensation of feeling good all over and showing it principally in one place.” – Josh Billings

“Who covets more is evermore a slave.” – Robert Herrick

“There is one day that is ours. Thanksgiving Day is the one day that is purely American.” – O. Henry

brainy, positive quotes