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True Spirit of Christmas keeps shining despite news blackout

Subject: Real News

The true spirit of Christmas keeps shining.

Real News: This is what our nightly news should look like?

The man who gave the shoes off his feet to this homeless girl.



This motorcyclist who stopped to help an old woman pass safely. 




This barber, who offers haircuts for the price of a single hug. 




Consolation knows no color 




The police officer who handcuffed himself to a woman to make sure she knew she’d have to take him with her. 




The many people who helped make this boy’s dream come true. 



This dog owner who mourned by giving. 



This store employee who gives extra service. 




The person who decided to put new tires on a stranger’s car just because he needed it. 




The crowd who decided a fan should be able to watch the show, no matter what. 




This dry cleaning place that helps the unemployed for  





These kids helping an injured member of their rival team to score. 




The man who played for fun and gave his winnings  






This man who missed his train helping this older lady with her bags. 




This man who gave something to a homeless man no one gives – something to occupy his mind. 







And Dan, a man who, twice a week, buys coffee for every patient, nurse and doctor at local cancer centers. 



The people at the animal hospital, knowing how hard it is to say goodbye.


This man who gave his umbrella away so this cat could have a dry night.

The paramedics.


“Kindness lasts forever!”

Remembering Our ‘Old Soldier’ OJ- from Mean Streets to Happy Home to Never Long Enough

Orange Julius after well enough to finally have teeth cleaned in January, ‘ran out of gas ‘ a few weeks later and left us in February at age 20!. You could see he didn’t want to go in those mournful eyes while taking a couple last licks of a churro stick he was fairly active until last day but in obvious distress.

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